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Award winning telematics from ALD Automotive

Since its launch in 2004 ProFleet2 has become an integral part of ALD Automotive’s product offering in the UK and is, arguably, the most cost effective and practical telematics solution available in the UK vehicle leasing market today.

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Control costs

Remote mileage capture and detailed journey reporting gives you an unprecedented level of visibility and control over your fleet. Cut out unauthorised journeys to stop wasting, and start saving.

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Reduce risk

Never miss a vehicle service again. Remote reading technology automatically reminds your drivers to service their vehicle in plenty of time. PF2 promotes safety, security, and reliability.

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Improve efficiency

Quality information management made easy. With PF2, Fleet Managers are empowered to make fast, accurate, and well informed decisions on their vehicles cost, risk, and carbon footprints.

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Lower CO2 Emissions

Comprehensive CO2 data without the hassle of manual calculations. Take the stress out of monitoring and controlling your carbon emissions with ProFleet2's automated CO2 recording feature.

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