More Testimonials


"It was a pleasure to see how ‘easy’ it was to track the car and get it back (after it was stolen). Bigger than the monetary benefit was the psychological boost in morale when we learned that the car was located within an hour. Thanks for your effort and for installing intelligent technology in the ALD cars. The police agree that such devices should be installed in every new vehicle."

Northern Gas Networks

"ALD Automotive's PF2 technology has proved invaluable to Northern Gas Networks in helping us locate and retrieve any stolen maintenance vehicles operating as part of our two-hundred vehicle fleet. The nature of our business involves responding to emergency gas repairs, and as a consequence it is imperative that we have the maintenance vehicles available to us at all times; PF2 ensures that our vehicles are easily located via the in-built GPS technology and if the vehicle is stolen, it can be retrieved within a matter of hours"

Thames Valley Police

"Officers were deployed to the area and located the vehicle and arrested three people. Without access to this system, my team would not have been able to locate and arrest suspects"


"I would like to thank you for your good service and your help in these 2+ years. I believe that ProFleet2 is a very good tool and I will try to find some-thing similar when using the next company car in Germany"

Cape UK

"Our drivers no longer need to worry about keeping paper records for their expenses claims as ProFleet2 automatically records all their journeys. The online reporting suite is user friendly and has great functionality. ProFleet 2 was also fundamental in the recent recovery in just 48 hours of one of our senior managers vehicles after they keys were stolen from the driver home."

Business Car

"In a very competitive sector of the business car marketplace, ALD Automotive’s entry stood out for its clear emphasis on using technology to control cost, risk management and environmental issues. The benefits of ProFleet2 for those people running car fleets are clear to see, and its recent upgrade to incorporate GPS is another welcome move that enhances an already impressive offering"


"The Fuel Management System via ProFleet2 provided savings of £90,000 in fuel submissions for private useage in its first year, as well as accurately reporting the reduction in OCS’s Carbon Output. In addition, over £100,000 of vehicles we recovered using its tracker capability"


"ALD Automotive's PF2 technology has helped Evolve Facility Services reduce the fuel bill attributed to our fleet of seventy vehicles by 20% since its inception in August 2010. The 20% saving has been achieved by using PF2’s ‘fleet league table’, which shows which drivers are braking and accelerating harshly, idling for long periods of time, over-revving or speeding"

Southways Housing Trust

"The ProFleet2 technology has played an integral role at Southway Housing Trust in ensuring that we can accurately view the location of our Repairs Team vehicles and thereby allocate the most suitable vehicle and operative geographically based on their location. Not only do we save time and fuel, but our tenants benefit from a faster response time"