Reduce risk of contract recharges

With manufacturer service intervals being extended and vehicles regularly being reallocated, it’s easy to see how services can be missed. Drivers are always busy and even if they know when their next service is due, it’s rarely convenient having their vehicle off the road for any time. With lengthy lead times, too, it could be several weeks before a service is possible.

  •  Future resale values are affected
  •  Routine repairs can become more complex and costly
  •  Warranty programmes can be invalidated
  •  Courtesy car services may not be available

This, of course, can lead to unnecessary cost and possible re-charges, totally avoidable if proper care had been taken and vehicles were serviced on time.

With remote odometer readings, however, ProFleet2automatically reminds drivers to service their vehicle, well in advance, and alerts fleet managers should a request not be actioned. Whilst not replacing their obligations ProFleet2 will, at least, provide added peace of mind where drivers are not as conscientious as they should be.