Timely service reminders

With service intervals being extended and vehicles regularly reallocated it’s easy to see how services can be missed. Drivers are, no doubt, very busy and, even if they do know when their next service is due, it probably won’t be convenient having their vehicle off the road for any time. With lengthy servicing lead-times, too, it could be several weeks before a service is possible. The consequence?

  • Future resale values are affected from a poor service history
  • Routine repairs can become more complex and costly from missing a service
  • Warranty programmes can be invalidated
  • A missed service can cause a component failure with catastrophic consequences

This, of course, could lead to costly re-charges being passed on – both to the company and the driver.

With remote odometer readings and pre-defined preference settings, however, ProFleet2 will automatically remind drivers to service their vehicle by SMS messaging or email, allowing work to be carried out on time, at a time to suit providing them with a courtesy car facility, wash and vac service and collection and delivery arrangements.