Manage your footprint

As companies are increasingly challenged to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon output, vehicle fleets are, inevitably, under the spotlight

With ProFleet2’s reporting suite, however, CO2 is automatically recorded as part of the journey summary, thereby maintaining an accurate log of a company’s carbon footprint to help with ongoing CSR reporting.

By opting for the Fleet Manager view, with driver consent, fleet managers have a complete overview of their fleet and the driving habits of their employees, with dashboard reporting to highlight areas of potential improvement and the necessary interventions to reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint.

Future legislation will, inevitably, require companies to manage their environmental standards in a more structured way and with ProFleet2’s auditable record of carbon emissions ALD has the ideal solution to provide improved ownership of CSR issues.

Additional benefits with ProFleet2 Premium

As part of the ProFleet2 Premium package, the Fleet Footprint Index allows fleets to identify where carbon emissions can be reduced from improving driver behaviour. By highlighting incidents of harsh acceleration and braking, excessive speeds or engine revs and even periods of excessive vehicle idling this can identify areas for a potential reduction in carbon output and any trends over the fleet. By benchmarking within the fleet and against the ProFleet2 ‘universe’ (other ALD vehicles fitted with ProFleet2) fleets can also compare themselves and see how they might be able to reduce future emissions.