Manage your risk

By benchmarking against the ProFleet2 'universe', fleets can compare themselves and see how they might be able to improve their risk management

Whilst cost control remains critical, tightening health and safety legislation requires today’s fleets to demonstrate that they not only have an occupational road risk policy but that they pro-actively monitor the performance of work related road safety at regular and frequent intervals. ProFleet2 provides auditable management records of all business journey data, thereby reducing the very real risk of prosecution and safeguarding against potential driver fatigue.

By opting for the Fleet Manager view, with driver consent, fleet managers have a complete overview of their fleet and the driving habits of their employees, with dashboard reporting to highlight areas of potential risk and the necessary interventions to manage this risk. The dangers couldn’t be clearer for businesses. If found guilty of breaching health & safety legislation, the penalty for corporate manslaughter is an unlimited fine with individual prosecutions potentially resulting in imprisonment and personal fines.

Additional benefits with ProFleet2 Premium

As part of the ProFleet2 Premium package, the Fleet Risk Index allows fleets to identify where fleet risk can be reduced from improving driver behaviour. By highlighting incidents of harsh acceleration and braking, excessive speeds, etc this can identify areas for a potential reduction in risk and any trends over the fleet. By benchmarking within the fleet and against the ProFleet2 ‘universe’ (other ALD vehicles fitted with ProFleet2) fleets can also compare themselves and see how they might be able to improve their risk management.